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Diamond (2.15ctw) square halo round center ring, 14k white gold GIA 2228194161

A gorgeous ring with square diamond halo. Diamonds also decorate the shoulders, for even more sparkle. For added touch, an intricate design, and diamond, sit underneath the head of the ring.


Diamond(1ctw) modified radiant G/SI2, platinum, GIA 14048459

A true classic! You can never go wrong with the timeless solitaire engagement ring. This gorgeous ring is set in platinum, and holds a princess cut diamond.


TQ Original diamond (0.37 ct center, 0.45 ctw) ring, 14k yellow gold

So many intricate designs that makes this ring so special and unique. 14k yellow gold swirls around the entire band, holding bezel set diamonds for added sparkle. The center stone sits at the bottom of the band, for a bit of an "asymmetrical" look.


Diamond(0.70ctw) bridal setting, 14k white gold

Such a gorgeous ring! The twisted diamond shoulders stop just underneath the center. The center stone, that you get to pick, will be cushioned in a soft square halo.


Oval diamond (0.45ctw, cz ctr) halo setting, 14k white gold

A gorgeous ring! The shoulders are decorated with a row of diamonds, with three diamonds creating those little shapes next to the center. The center is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. A row of white gold beads wrap around the halo, forming little "petal


Diamond (1.09 ctw) channel set setting, 14k white gold, shown with a cz, center stone not included

This stunning ring is full of diamonds! A channel of diamonds runs across the shoulders, stopping at the center. Diamonds also decorate the sides of the bands, allowing this ring to sparkle in ALL directions,


Diamond (0.75 ctw, cz center) setting, 14k white gold

Two rows of diamonds decorate the shoulders of this ring, with the diamonds getting bigger the closer they get to the center. The center stone is raised above the ring, giving the illusion that it's floating above the band below it.



Two rows, one white gold and one with diamonds, twirl around each other, stopping just before hitting the center. Around the center stone, and down the crown, you can see more diamonds, in leaf shaped settings, adding to a "nature" feel for the ring.


Ring White Hand Engraved (.70 ct) 14 k white gold

Such a gorgeous piece! With diamonds on either shoulder, and square diamond halo around the center stone (f your choice), this ring is going to be turning heads! For even more fun, intricate hand engraved designs of 14k white gold decorate the underside o


Diamond (0.10 ctw) sculpted setting, 14k white gold, shown with a cz, center stone not included

Look at this beautiful ring! Intricate designs with diamonds and white gold beads sculpt the shoulders of this ring. Coming together with a halo surrounding the center stone (not included), this ring a masterpiece! Choose the center stone of your dreams w


Diamond (0.28 ctw) double halo setting, 14k white gold

How incredible is this ring?! This ring has a plain band, to allow the center to steal the show. A double halo decorated with diamonds will surround the center stone of your choice, making sure this ring will sparkle EVERYWHERE!

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