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TQ Original Oval Black Opal and Diamond Pendant,14k white gold

This pendant has white gold forming a pear-shaped perimeter around the stunning center. White gold stems from the base, with small diamonds on the tips, while the stunning rows of diamonds rise up, holding up the star, a gorgeous black opal.


TQ Original Double Pear Amethyst and Diamond pendant, sterling silver

Are you looking for a new piece of jewelry? This pendant features amethyst and diamonds floating through the intricate design of the sterling silver.


Blue zircon & diamond double swirl pendant 14k white gold

Ribbons of white gold swirl in a unique shape leading to a brilliant round Blue zircon. Diamonds parade down two ribbons around the amazing center piece of this elegant pendant.


TQ Original London Blue Topaz & Diamond Mistletoe pendant 14k white gold

A unique piece of jewelry can make you feel that way. Something as beautiful as this London Blue Topaz pendant, with ribbons of diamonds intertwined, is sure to turn heads and garner compliments.


TQ Original diamond (0.50ctw) mistletoe pendant 14k white gold

Do you want to make a lasting impression? The TQ Original diamond mistletoe pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry to show off your holiday spirit.


TQ Original Sapphire Compass pendant, sterling silver

Are you looking for a new piece of jewelry? This TQ Original Sapphire pendant set in sterling silver will surely create an impression.


Blue zircon & diamond pendant 14k white gold 1.3 gr

A brilliant beautiful Blue zircon dangles from a diamond bail and is wrapped within a basket of white gold. Additional diamonds parade down the pendant for extra sparkle.


TQ Original Diamond Mistletoe Pendant (0.33 ctw)

This stunning piece of jewelry features a diamond in its center and it comes in yellow gold or white gold. You can also choose between different chain lengths so you can find the one that fits your style best. The design is simple yet elegant.


TQ Original Blue-Green tourmaline and Diamond Pendant

This piece fits for a goddess, and you are one! This Blue-Green tourmaline and Diamond Pendant is the perfect way to feel beautiful.


Blue Diamond Pendant by Terry Quinn

This Terry Quinn's Original Blue Diamond pendant is definitely a stunner! White gold ribbons are laced into a teardrop shape that surrounds the gorgeous blue diamond center, hanging from a twisted strand of white gold.


TQ Original diamond (0.33 ctw) "Mistletoe" pendant 14k yellow gold

Do you want to give a gift that will be cherished for years? Our Mistletoe pendant is a perfect choice.


TQ Original Pear sapphire & diamond pendant, 14k yellow gold

Sapphires and diamonds are two of the most popular gemstones, so it's no surprise that they look so stunning together. This pendant is sure to turn heads when you wear it.


TQ Original Diamond (.50ctw) "Key to her Heart" pendant, 14k white gold

Stunning white gold "Key to her Heart" pendant with diamonds trailing along the heart. This stunning piece was created by award winning designer Terry Quinn.


TQ Original tanzanite & diamond pendant, 14k white gold

Dazzling tanzanite and diamond pendant with curved, elegant lines designed by Terry Quinn.


Pink sapphire & diamond Floral Pendant 14k white gold

This pendant contains a bright oval pink sapphire that sits in a floral basket surrounded by a brilliant array of diamonds.


Aquamarine (0.84ct) & diamond (0.07ctw) pendant

You’re looking for a new pendant to wear out tonight. This Aquamarine and diamond pendant set in white gold is perfect for you!


Tear drop aquamarine& diamond pendant 14k white gold

A tear of white gold and diamonds drops down from the bail of this beautiful pendant. Centering the pendant is a stunning round aquamarine.


Lab grown alexandrite & diamond pendant 14k white gold

Looking for a stunning piece of jewelry? This lab-grown alexandrite and diamond pendant set in white gold is simply stunning! It’s wrapped with a bow, too.


Swirling Amethyst & diamond pendant 14k white gold

Achieve an extraordinary look with this piece! Our Amethyst and diamond swirl pendant is set in white gold.


Diamond Petal Dangle Pendant

This Diamond Petal Dangle Pendant is quite impressive! A petal of yellow gold mimics a twisted rope while wrapping around a cluster of diamonds from the bail.


Diamond Northern Star Paper Clip Necklace

This diamond star pendant with paperclip chain set yellow gold is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves the universe.


TQ Original diamond (0.50ctw) mistletoe pendant 14k yellow gold

This beautiful piece is sure to turn heads with its dazzling display of diamonds in 14k yellow gold. It would make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.


TQ original diamond swirl circle pendant. 14k white gold

You deserve a little luxury in your life. This stunning diamond swirl circle pendant is perfect for anyone who loves the finer things in life.


TQ original Tanzanite (6.84 ct) & diamond ( 0.90 ctw) pendant 14k white & yellow gold

This stunning pendant is made with a beautiful oval Tanzanite gemstone that's surrounded by gold strands. It also has diamonds on the bail and down each strand, making it even more dazzling.

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