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TQ Original Diamond sand dollar pendant 14k yellow gold

A sand dollar made of 14k yellow gold and crusted in delicate white diamonds then polished to perfection. Perfect for the ocean lover in your life!


TQ Original Swirling diamond (0.37 ct center, 0.45 ctw) ring, 14k yellow gold

So many intricate designs that makes this ring so special and unique. 14k yellow gold swirls around the entire band, holding bezel set diamonds for added sparkle. The center stone sits at the bottom of the band, for a bit of an "asymmetrical" look.


TQ Original Pear tanzanite & diamond pendant, 14k yellow gold

This pendant is a beautiful piece of art that will look great on any woman. It’s made with yellow gold, which makes it perfect for someone who loves gold.


Diamond Wave Ring

Do you love fashion rings? Then this ring is for you! It’s a beautiful piece that will make your finger look like it’s on fire.


Key To My Heart Bracelet

Give the key to your heart to that special someone with this unique cuff bracelet. The Key to her Heart bracelet is perfect for any romantic occasion.


Diamond leaf dangle pendant

A piece of jewelry can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself. It’s not just a decoration – it’s a reflection of who you are.


Diamond Petal Dangle Pendant

This Diamond Petal Dangle Pendant is quite impressive! A petal of yellow gold mimics a twisted rope while wrapping around a cluster of diamonds from the bail.


Diamond (0.26ctw) And Sapphire (0.20 ct) Ring

You got the power to feel majestic through this sapphire and diamond crown ring! It is the perfect gift for any queen or princess in your life.


TQ Original Swirling Opal & Diamond pendant, 14k yellow gold

This piece will definitely fascinate your heart! The intricate design of yellow gold swirling through the pendant is breathtaking.


Sapphire Wave Earrings 14k Yellow Gold

Stunning "riding the wave of life" yellow gold earrings that feature a bright blue sapphire diamond in the center. Perfect for any ocean lover!


Royal Amethyst & Diamond pear pendant 14k yellow gold

You deserve to feel like a queen, and this pendant set is just the thing to help you do that. This pendant set is perfect for anyone who wants to feel special.


TQ Original diamond (0.50ctw) mistletoe pendant 14k yellow gold

This beautiful piece is sure to turn heads with its dazzling display of diamonds in 14k yellow gold. It would make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

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