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Opal doublet free form ring, sterling silver

A colorful oval opal is the center piece of this ring! Two ribbons of sterling silver extend from the center and down to the shaft.


TQ Original Swirling Opal & Diamond pendant, 14k yellow gold

This piece will definitely fascinate your heart! The intricate design of yellow gold swirling through the pendant is breathtaking.


Opal doublet free form pendant sterling silver

A unique free form opal pendant will drape beautifully from your neck while wearing it! Perfect for both casual and dressed up!


TQ Original Oval Black Opal and Diamond Pendant,14k white gold

This pendant has white gold forming a pear-shaped perimeter around the stunning center. White gold stems from the base, with small diamonds on the tips, while the stunning rows of diamonds rise up, holding up the star, a gorgeous black opal.