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Diamond (1.00 ctw) fashion band, 14k white gold

This gorgeous ring has such a unique design. two rows of diamonds surround the center, which has rows of beaded white gold curved in this intricate pattern, with diamonds inside and outside the curves.


Diamond (0.38ctw) crossover ring, 14k white gold

This diamond fashion ring is a favorite! A thick wave of 14 white gold wraps around the base while two sparkling ribbons of diamonds cross over each other on top. A unique and stylish piece you could wear on any occasion.


Diamond (0.21ctw) butterfly & flower ring, 14k rose gold

Fun, fun, fun! You can't look at this ring and not smile. A diamond butterfly separated from a diamond flower by a bezel set diamond.


Diamond(0.97ctw) starburst ring 14k white/yellow gold

A very unique ring made of both 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold. Approximately .97ctw of brilliant diamonds make this a statement piece!


Diamond (0.21ctw) flower ring 14k rose gold

Delicate but striking, this unique ring has so many special features including artistic flare, bead work, and dazzling diamonds.


Diamond (0.50 ctw) ring, 18k yellow gold

This ring has slanted vertical rows of diamonds going along the center. The band gets larger as you go closer to the center, and it 18k yellow gold


Diamond (0.41ctw) 3 starfish ring 14k white/rose/yellow gold

A truly unique ring made for the sea-lover! Three sweet starfish top this ring crusted with .41 ctw of delicate diamonds. Two of the sweet starfish are crafted from 14k rose gold while the center starfish and shaft are made from 14 white gold.


Diamond (0.81ctw) cluster double shank fashion ring 14k white gold

A fashion statement piece! Two rows of prong set diamonds intersect in the cluster of dazzling diamonds randomly placed for a chic style. Made with 14k white gold.


Diamond (0.88 ctw) feather fashion ring 14k white gold

.88 ctw diamond feather fashion ring made in 14k white gold. The diamond crusted feather wraps around your finger then extends down the shaft of the ring with more diamonds.


Diamond (2.71 ctw) starburst ring, 18k white gold

This is a true show stopper! This "burst" diamond ring has more diamonds than you could imagine. It has a beautiful pear shaped diamond in the center, with two more halo rows of diamonds surrounding it, each row gets smaller as it goes farther outside. Wi


Diamond (0.35 ctw) bar ring, 14k rose gold

Such a cool ring! This ring has a bar in the center, featuring two rows of sparkling diamonds.


Diamond (0.50 ctw) heart shaped look ring, 14k white gold

This adorable ring is perfect for someone who has your heart! Three diamonds on either shoulder lead the eye towards the center, a heart halo wrapped around three more diamonds in a heart shape.

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