Emerald and Diamond Ring (1.27 - 0.62 ctw)

This beautiful rich-toned emerald and diamond ring is beautifully cut for perfect sparkle and encased with quality round diamonds. Each side has 5 diamonds along the shank made of 14K white gold.
Article number: Invoice 9/9/2021
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Emerald is back in full sparkle!

Emerald is a beautiful gemstone that has been used for centuries. It’s known as the “Stone of Successful Love” and it can be found in many cultures around the world. This stunning emerald and diamond ring features an emerald-cut stone with diamonds on each side, encased in quality white gold.

You can wear this ring every day and be reminded that life is full of beauty and wonder! People will notice your unique style when they see this gorgeous piece on your hand! And it’s not just about how it looks; we also use only conflict-free stones so you know you are making an ethical choice as well as an aesthetic one. We want everyone who wears our jewelry to feel good about what they’re wearing – inside and out!

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