Pear Shaped Lab Grown Diamond Necklace

These sophisticated, flawless diamonds are the perfect accessory for any outfit! Lab-grown diamonds provide an ethical, sustainable alternative to mined diamonds and emit less carbon than other diamonds.
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A pear-shaped diamond necklace is a timeless investment that should be included in every jewelry collection.

The pear-shaped diamond, also known as the teardrop diamond, has a distinct design that makes it truly unique. Its elegant shape allows for more comfortable wearing, as it lays nicely on the neckline instead of tugging due to its pointed nature, like some other cuts.

Additionally, pear-shaped diamonds tend to contain fewer inclusions than many other diamond shapes, making them desirable from both an aesthetic and monetary perspective.

Pear-cut diamonds sparkle and refract light with an unparalleled brilliance you won't find anywhere else. Investing in a pear-shaped diamond necklace ensures an effortless appeal in any neckline without compromising beauty and quality.

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Diamond Carat Total Weight: 1.0 CTW
Diamond Made: Lab Grown
Material: 14k white gold
Style: Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace
Finish: Polished


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