Opal Diamond Earrings 2 ctw

These stunning earrings are like little opal suns on your ears. The pear-shaped opal is surrounded by diamonds with prongs on the edge of each diamond, which gives this pointed look and adds to the sun illusion.
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Do you like opals? These earrings are made with a pear-shaped opal surrounded by diamonds. The prongs on the edge of each diamond give this pointed look and add to the sun illusion. You can wear these earrings every day or for special occasions because they go with everything! They’re also great for people who want something unique but not too flashy. If you love wearing beautiful jewelry that makes a statement, then these earrings are perfect for you! They’re just under 2 carats total weight so they have some heft without being overbearing. We think that if you buy one pair of Quinn's Goldsmith jewels, it should be these stunning opal suns!

Weight:Opal (2) & diamond (1.00) Carat Total Weight

Material: 14K White Gold

Stone: Opal & Diamond

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