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Lab Created Emerald Looped Pendant with Diamonds in Sterling Silver

This beautiful pendant is in a oval shape with sterling silver almost dripping down the bottom, but the real glory is what's on the inside. Emerald flowers blood inside the pendant towards the diamonds on the top.


Sophisticated Diamond Cross Necklace

An elegant Diamond Cross Necklace is a unique piece of jewelry to add to any collection. This timeless style of the necklace has become increasingly popular, making it the perfect gift for someone special.


Oval Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace in white gold

An oval diamond necklace is an incredibly special and unique piece of jewelry. It embodies classic beauty with a twist of modern design, making it a perfect combination for any style or occasion. Its oval shape helps emphasize the diamond's brilliance.


Lab Grown Pear Shaped Lab Grown Diamond Necklace

These sophisticated, flawless diamonds are the perfect accessory for any outfit! Lab-grown diamonds provide an ethical, sustainable alternative to mined diamonds and emit less carbon than other diamonds.


Lab alexandrite & diamond (pendant 14k white gold

A oval lab alexandrite sits within a swirling basket of white gold and diamonds on this pendant. Made in 14k white gold, 1.5 ct Lab Alexandrite, .1 ctw diamonds.


Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace

A tennis diamond necklace is a timeless and elegant way to accessorize any outfit. With its all-time classic design, this piece has become a popular choice for special occasions or for casual occasions.


Graduated Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace

These necklaces feature graduated diamonds that increase in size leading up to the center stone, often creating an eye-catching visual effect with brilliance and sparkle.


Lab Grown Diamond Floral Necklace

Whether harvesting the outdoors for an array of daisies for a small choker or purchasing a gorgeous floral-inspired piece from your favorite store, a floral necklace adds an extra touch of charm to complete any ensemble.


Lab grown diamond (1.5 ct) solitaire pendant 14k white gold

A classic lab grown solitaire diamond hangs beautifully from a simple white gold bail on this 14k white gold necklace. Perfect for pairing with any attire and completing the look!


Lab grown diamond (2.0 ct) solitaire pendant 14k white gold

Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Pendants are truly a sight to behold and make an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. These stunning stones are not only visually appealing but also created with ethical production values in mind. Buy now!


Lab grown alexandrite & diamond pendant 14k white gold

Looking for a stunning piece of jewelry? This lab-grown alexandrite and diamond pendant set in white gold is simply stunning! It’s wrapped with a bow, too.