Lab Created Emerald Looped Pendant with Diamonds in Sterling Silver

This beautiful pendant is in a oval shape with sterling silver almost dripping down the bottom, but the real glory is what's on the inside. Emerald flowers blood inside the pendant towards the diamonds on the top.
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Looking for a unique piece of jewelry?

This lab-created emerald pendant is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The emeralds and diamonds are set in such a way that it looks like the stones are dripping down the bottom of the pendant.

It’s truly an amazing sight to behold! You can wear this pendant with any outfit, and be sure to get compliments from everyone around you. If you want something different than what everyone else has, then this is definitely your go-to piece of jewelry. With its unique design and beautiful color scheme, it will look great on anyone who wears it!

Weight: Terry Quinn's Original diamond 0.07 & Lab Emerald 0.75 Carat Total Weight

Material: Sterling Silver 

Stone: Diamond (0.07ctw) and Emerald (0.75 ctw)

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