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Emerald and Diamond Ring (1.27 - 0.62 ctw)

This beautiful rich-toned emerald and diamond ring is beautifully cut for perfect sparkle and encased with quality round diamonds. Each side has 5 diamonds along the shank made of 14K white gold.


Emerald and Diamond Double Halo Ring

Looking for a ring that will make you shine? This emerald diamond oval/double halo ring set in white gold definitely elevates your beauty and glamour. The center emerald is hugged by two rows of diamonds, which stop just before the center.


Sapphire And Diamond Band

The deep blue sapphires are set in a paisley design framed with mil-grain beading, which accentuates the diamonds placed throughout.


Emerald and Diamond Band Ring (0.38 -0.27ctw)

Diamonds and emeralds are patterned prong set on this ring. Wear it alone or pair it with another ring for a stacked look!


Emerald (1.04) & Diamond (0.20) Band

Matchless beauty is waving! Capture amazing moments with this emerald and diamond band that has a checker pattern with emeralds and diamonds. Get a piece that never fails!


Amethyst and diamond Wedding Band (1.53 - 0.22) ctw

A stunning violet pear shaped amethyst center this ring. Mil-grain beading and scalloped edges frame each round diamond throughout.


Diamond Emerald-cut band, 14k white gold

For the emerald cut lover! This anniversary diamond band has seven emerald-cut diamonds parading one behind the other. The perfect ring to accompany your engagement ring or alone!


Diamond Ring (0.60ctw)

This ruby princess trio and diamond ring are the perfect gifts for any occasion! The three stones on either side of the band are made from white gold, which makes it an elegant piece that can be worn with anything.


Emerald & diamond ring 14k white gold

A beautiful oval emerald nestles in between two beautiful round white diamonds in the cathedral style ring. Express your love with the past, present, and future in a unique way!


Emerald And Diamond Stackable Ring

These petite bands are perfect on their own or mix and match to create your own look. You'll love how these rings complement your fashion.


Floral Opal & diamond ring 14k white gold

A beautiful floral ring centered with a white opal and accented with four sweet diamonds.

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