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Diamond(0.55ctw) mixed shape bar necklace, 14k white gold

This beautiful diamond necklace is styled with an array of shapes. Each of the five main diamonds is surrounded by a diamond halo, adding more sparkle and style to a stunning piece.


Diamond (0.27 ctw) bezel & bar necklace, 14k white gold

Make a statement with this 14 karat white gold bezel necklace! With nine diamond stones, it’s sure to complete any luxurious look!


Diamond (0.06ctw) double circle necklace, 14k white gold

This sleek double circle necklace is perfect for someone looking for something minimalistic and clean. This necklace features an asymmetrical look, with a small diamond circle on one side of a larger, white gold circle.


Diamond (0.50 ctw) add-a-diamond necklace, 14k white gold

This silver dainty diamond necklace can be worn alone for a subtle, dainty look or paired with other pieces to create a luxurious look.


Diamond (0.13 ctw) Love Pendant 14 kt yellow gold

Sweet and simple, yet gorgeous! This 14K yellow gold necklace is the perfect gift for someone or yourself!


Diamond (1.0 ctw) add-a-diamond necklace, white gold

Complete your dainty look with this white gold necklace. It’s perfect for everyday wear or adding the finishing touches to your look.


Diamond (0.13 ctw) braided necklace, 10 k rose gold & sterling silver

This unique necklace is a statement piece for sure! Made of both sterling silver and 10 karat rose gold, it’s sure to complete any look - especially with the row of diamonds on it.


Diamond (0.16 ctw) fashion necklace, 14k yellow gold

This elegant 14 karat yellow gold necklace is a statement piece! It is a twist design that is complete with five diamond stones as well as a chain.


Diamond (0.38 ctw) marquise look necklace, 14k white gold

This unique diamond necklace is made from 14 karat white gold and has 5 different sections that are all accompanied by .38 ctw round cut diamonds.