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Amethyst (1.00ctw) stud earrings, sterling silver

Lovely purple amethyst stud earrings, treat your ears to some summer sparkle! Set in 0.925 sterling silver.


Rhodolite Garnet(5mmx4mm) stud earrings, 14k white gold

You can never go wrong with a pair of colored stone studs! These beautiful rhodolite garnet stud earrings can be worn as a day to day earring, or dressed up and worn for nice night out.


Ruby (0.63 ctw) & diamond (0.12 ctw) earrings, 14k white gold

These beautiful ruby and diamond earrings features a row a rubies in the center with a diamonds on either side. The diamonds are split in half, giving the affect that they're going through the rubies.


Kyanite (2.95 ctw) & diamond (0.08 ctw) earrings, 14k white gold, 1.79g

These simple yet luxurious white gold earrings are the perfect piece for anyone, regardless of age. Don’t miss out on these!


Fire opal (0.89 ctw) & diamond (0.07 ctw) earrings, 14k yellow gold, 1.71g

Don’t skip out on these fire opal earrings! They’re elegant, timeless, and luxurious!


Amethyst (7.75 ctw) & diamond (0.62 ctw) earrings, 14k rose gold

These stunning dangle earrings feature a halo of diamonds that surround a amethyst in the center. The prongs holding the amethyst give the illusion that the stone is floating in the center.



These beautiful shot dangle earrings are perfect for someone who wants to add a little something extra to their earrings, but don't want something too long to get in the way. The sleek white gold and simple peridot stone as the main star, this earring can


TQ Original sapphire "Wave" earrings, 14k yellow gold

Stunning "riding the wave of life" yellow gold earrings hand-carved by Terry Quinn. Features a bright blue sapphire diamond in the center and perfect for any ocean lover!


SS amethyst, white zircon, rhodalite, earrings

These beautiful dangle earring feature an array of stones. Upside down diamond shapes are decorated with white zircon, and have a stunning amethyst in the center of each. Each of these sections are held to the other by a rhodalite.


Tanzanite (0.86 ctw) & diamond (0.78 ctw) dangle earrings, 14k white gold

These earring hold a long pear-shaped tanzanite that is surrounded by sparkling diamonds. The tanzanite is held a little higher than the diamonds, giving it the illusion that it's floating.


Tanzanite (0.95 ctw) & diamond (0.25 ctw) halo dangle earrings, 14k white gold

These beautiful earring are perfect for someone who wants to wear dangle earrings, but still wants them to rest higher and closer to the ear. These stunning lighter blue tanzanite are surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

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