Quinn's Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide to Honor and Celebrate Your Marriage

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Quinn's Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide to Honor and Celebrate Your Marriage

When it comes to choosing a thoughtful anniversary gift Quinn's Goldsmith has the perfect selection!

Have you heard the famous quote, “I have enough jewelry.”? Of course not! Because no one ever said it! 

When it comes to choosing a thoughtful anniversary gift, a piece of jewelry made of shiny gold, sparkling diamonds, a colorful precious stone, or lustrous pearls is certain to elicit delight and appreciation. 

Here are the traditional gifts for milestone anniversaries and some gorgeous ideas to help celebrate:


1st Anniversary: Pearls

Jackie Kennedy famously said, “Pearls are always appropriate,” and that is why you can never go wrong with a simple strand of cultured pearls. But what if the traditional look of a pearl necklace isn’t your spouse’s cup of tea? Here are some other creative ways to incorporate pearls into an anniversary gift: 


  • Black Tahitian pearls, whether in a necklace, ring, or earrings, are a more unconventional look. 


  • Ask a jeweler to create a custom design, such as a gold or white gold hoop earring with floating or dangling pearls. 


5th Anniversary: Gold

There are so many possibilities when it comes to gold jewelry! You can find a gold piece to fit any budget and style, whether you want a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Here are some ideas: 


  • A gold necklace with hearts to remind your spouse of how much you adore them is delicate, imminently wearable, and meaningful. 



  • A custom gold necklace with heart charms engraved with the initial for each of your children is an enduring reminder to your spouse of the life you’ve built together 


  • Large gold hoops are a timeless choice and complementary to any outfit from the dressiest to the most casual.



10th Anniversary: Diamond Earrings

A 10th anniversary is a major milestone! After a decade of marriage, you and your spouse have likely been through many good days and some tougher times and emerged from every joyful event and each adversity stronger than before. Such an occasion is the perfect reason for diamond earrings. The great thing about diamond earrings is that the wide array of carat weights and various styles enable anyone you to find something lasting and eye-catching that doesn’t break the bank: 




15th Anniversary: Diamond Bracelet 

When it comes to diamond bracelets, most people think of the traditional tennis bracelet. But there are some less common designs as well. 


  • For an affordable alternative to a traditional tennis bracelet, consider something more unconventional, like an infinity bolo diamond bracelet in sterling silver.




20th Anniversary: Emeralds 

This vibrant, green stone has a rich history. The first known emerald mines were mined in Egypt around 1500 BC. Cleopatra VII, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, is said to have had a passion for this precious gem. Here are some diverse ideas for a 20th-anniversary gift featuring emeralds.


  • A dainty emerald ring is a lovely use of this gem that symbolizes spiritual awareness, protection, love, and wisdom. 


  • A single dangling emerald stone of any size on a gold or white gold necklace is a sophisticated, yet effortless way to incorporate an emerald into a piece of jewelry.


30th Anniversary: Tanzanite 

Tanzanite is a vivid, brilliant stone in a purplish-blue hue. This eye-catching gem is a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone as significant as three decades of married life. 



  • A 4.5-carat weight tanzanite ring offers a shimmery “wow” factor. 


  • A bezel-set, round tanzanite pendant on a white gold chain would add a pop of color to any outfit. 


40th Anniversary: Rubies 

This deep red stone symbolizes nobility, purity, and passion and is said to possess an internal inner flame. Ruby is a fitting tribute to the passion that still binds you together after 40 years of matrimony.  



  • A tennis bracelet with alternating diamonds and rubies is a colorful, dramatic way to honor and show your devotion to your spouse. 


50th Anniversary: Custom Creation

You made it. 50 years of marriage is a remarkable achievement. By this time, you’ve probably weathered some serious bumps and your marriage has remained strong, happy, and stable. After half a century, your spouse is still your soul mate and best friend. With a custom piece of jewelry, you can work with your jeweler to make something truly remarkable and suitable to mark five decades of marriage.  


  • A rainbow of colored gemstones on a ring can represent each grandchild. 


  • An engraved cuff bracelet of yellow gold set with diamond would make a striking and substantial piece. 


Quinn’s Goldsmith has served the Northern Virginia community since 1989. We have received numerous honors for our exceptional customer service and fine jewelry creations, including placing second place in the Independent Jewelers Organization and being named Best Fine Jewelry Store in Northern Virginia By Virginia Living magazine’s “Best of Virginia.” We can create any custom jewelry piece your imagination can conjure for any anniversary or special occasion in your life.