Lab Grown Diamonds

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Lab Grown Diamonds

Laboratory Grown Diamonds - Providing New Choices. The only thing that makes a lab-created diamond different from a mined diamond is its origin.

What are lab-grown diamonds?48535024

Just as it sounds they are diamonds grown in a lab by scientists. They are chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds and are just as hard. Diamonds that are found in nature take billions of years to form, while lab-grown diamonds can be formed in just a few weeks.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same brilliance, sparkle, and properties as top-tier mined diamonds and can only be distinguished with tests using specialized equipment. Even our jewelers can't tell just by looking at them if they are lab-grown or mined!


How big can a lab-grown diamond be? Do they come in typical shapes?

They can be grown to any size. The longer they grow the bigger they get, but currently, the biggest lab-grown diamond ever made is 155 carats. Once the diamond is grown it is cut just like any other diamond into any of the typical shapes you expect. 


HFancy Color Diamonds 2281 9dfcdow are they made? Do they come in any colors?

There are two main processes used to create lab-grown diamonds. One is High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and the other is Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Just like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds can come in pink, blue, yellow and white. 


How are they different from cubic zirconia or simulated diamonds?

While they may look similar, diamond simulants (like cubic zirconia) are chemically not diamonds at all. They’re completely different gems and materials. On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are chemically the same as natural diamonds, but their creation process is sped up by science.


Why aren't they as expensive as mined diamonds?61780614 720x720 6719b498 5587 48dc A552 D1f235ad75ce

A real diamond is unique and rare, formed one hundred miles below earth’s surface up to 3 billion years ago. The Earth isn't going to make any more diamonds whereas we can make lab-grown diamonds over and over again. This drives the cost of lab-grown diamonds down versus mined diamonds. 


Why should I choose a lab-grown diamond over a mined diamond?

Since we've covered that lab-grown diamonds are the same chemically and physically as mined diamonds the choice comes down to beliefs and budget. Lab-grown diamonds are viewed as more ethical and environmentally friendly because they bypass the traditional mining process. Because the price of lab-grown diamonds is less than mined diamonds you can get more sparkle for your dollar! Many of our customers like being able to get a bigger diamond and being Earth friendly at the same time.