8 Best Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

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  • By Terry Quinn
8 Best Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show the one you love exactly how much they mean to you. Gifts are a wonderful way to demonstrate your feelings in a tangible way. Love is the ultimate reason to celebrate this special occasion in the sweetest way. In moments like this, sweets, candies, chocolates, and flowers take part as popular gifts. But as time goes by, jewelry has become the newest option as Valentine's Day presents.


Who would not love to receive the jewelry? The great thing about this gift is its versatility and variety. Your loved one will be thrilled when she opens up a beautiful piece of fine Valentine's Day jewelry from Quinn's Goldsmith. Nothing says I love you more than a necklace, bracelet, or ring that comes from the heart and has been made especially for her.


To help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, we present some stunning pieces that will definitely fit her style. The thought of finding her the best jewelry would really fill her heart with so much love and joy.


1. Envelope her finger with heart rings.

 Whatever shapes of rings you pick will definitely be loved by your partner but it’s a different feeling when you give her a heart-shaped ring since this is very significant during Valentine’s Day. She would love to see you putting on her finger a white gold, diamond, or any precious stone with this shape. It is also important that you know her finger size and the style or design that she loves for her to wear for the rest of her life.


2. Let dangle earrings hug her ears.

 Dangle earrings are sure to captivate your girlfriend’s heart. She will definitely love something that dangles from the ears, and they sway as one move. Wearing dangle earrings adds style to those who wear them, enabling them to feel special and look their best as dangle earrings accentuate the beauty of those who wear them. If she prefers subtle jewelry styles, give her a pair that is round, short, and solid metal like sterling silver or gold. If she prefers jewelry to pop, you can give her designs that are sparkling and colorful.

 3. Offer her heart necklaces

 A heart necklace is one of the most precious jewels to convey the message of love. She would love to see her name engraved in a heart pendant or pictures inside it, as well. Heart-shaped necklaces come in different styles according to metal, stone, setting, and prices. Pendants and chains are among its common designs with various lengths such as choker, mid-length princess, and extra-long opera.


4. Adorn her wrist with bracelets 

Quinn’s Goldsmith diamond bracelets will surely dance elegantly on the wrist of your partner. She would love to see it in her hands as it reflects the light that shines. Such a perfect gift for her because she will be able to show her sophistication and fashion sense. It may come in different types, but diamond bracelets used for casual wear are usually made with gold or titanium because they are lighter and do not easily get scratches. Women who wear diamond bracelets for casual use opt for the diamond pave style because they are lighter and more subtle than beaded bracelets. Diamond bracelets that are made with beads may also be used in casual wear but since it is not light, women wearing this type of bracelet usually wear it when they go out at night or will only wear it on special occasions.


5. Settle for diamond jewelry. 

Diamond jewels are expensive but another way to express how you truly value the relationship and the love you mutually feel with each other. These “girls’ best friends” as they say symbolize strength, love, and health. Your loved one will surely appreciate diamond earrings matched with a diamond pendant, especially if they are aware of their symbols. Many also testify to its calming effect. This natural jewel has various colors and shapes, so unique like the receiver of your gift.


6. Present to her an engagement ring. 

This will surely make her feel all the love in the world. Engagement rings of Quinn’s Goldsmith absolutely leave a remarkable scenario of engagement proposals. Their diamond rings are a great way to “pop the question”. It is best to pick an engagement ring that suits her taste and style, like a nature-inspired or a vintage design. It is also important to know the size, metal, and setting that suits her to make sure it fits her well. 


7. Hand her birthstone jewelry. 

Your Valentine would surely love to receive a birthstone jewel. Giving her this unique present is a manifestation that you know and appreciate all her traits through her birthstone, whether it be a stunning set of diamond earrings, an amethyst necklace, or an emerald bracelet. 


8. Buy her customized and handmade jewels. 

Some women prefer more jewelry that is personal. If your partner thinks this way, try customized or handmade jewelry. They are simple yet attention-getter because of their intricate details. Some available handmade jewelry that you can try is a collection from Terry Quinn. 


With these choices of jewelry as gifts for Valentine’s Day, you surely will spoil your loved one with your thoughtfulness and love. It’s not every day that you celebrate special occasions, so make the best out of it.